Holiday Europe launches flights to Canary Islands

The European-based airline company Holiday Europe launches daily flights to Fuerteventura. Holiday Europe will carry the Munich-based operator FTI’s passengers from Germany to Canary Islands during the winter season. Flights will be operated from the airports of Berlin / Schönefeld, Düsseldorf, Frankfurt, Leipzig and Munich to Canary Islands from October 1 to November 24 and from February to April 2020. 218 passengers will leave the airport every morning and land on Fuerteventura following a flight of four to five hours with Holiday Europe’s Airbus 321.

"Our company started to perform flights in August and launches flights to Canary Islands as of October for FTI which is our main partner like Fischer and TUI Baltics across Europe. We are very happy to carry FTI’s guests to Canary Islands," said Holiday Europe’s CEO Petko Christoff and continued his words: "We have made a good start aiming to be one of the top-ranking European touristic charter carriers by 2022".

About Fuerteventura and newly-launched flights, FTI’s CEO Dietmar Gunz said: "Fuerteventura is one of the most important destinations for FTI, with a total of 166 hotels it offers, almost 60 of them available in the catalog. Labranda and Lemon & Soul FTI still has something to offer for holidaymakers in the twelve proprietary hotel brands. Guests, who book a package holiday on the newly-launched flights, receive a soft drink and a direct transfer to their hotel upon arrival. We will continue to expand our footprint in Fuerteventura with offers designed exclusively for our guests, and we see great development potential for this strategically important destination"

Stating that they are highly excited about the newly-launched flight, the Island’s President Blas Acosta and the Minister of Tourism Moises Naranjo said: "We are pleased to see the increased commitment of FTI" and continued: “This will make our island even more attractive as a winter destination to guests from German-speaking countries".